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        Xiangshan Jiezhong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

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        The service hotline:400-052-6697




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        Xiangshan Jiezhong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a modern manufacturer specializing in the manufacture of post-press binding equipment. The factory is located on the beautiful coast of the East China Sea - --- Xiangshan Chen Industrial Zone, with 6000 square meters of modern factory buildings. After the completion of the Xiangshan Port Bridge, the factory is only an hour away from Ningbo Airport and 2.5 hours away from Shanghai Xinzhuang. The traffic is very convenient.
        After ten years of unremitting research and development and improvement, the company has provided the following mature and stable products for printing and packaging enterprises: JZ2003 double-coil forming machine, JZ2010 double-coil forming and binding machine, JZ360 punching machine, JZ520, JZZD350, JZD380 double-coil binding machine, JZ420 single-coil binding machine, JZ inserting machine. Whether from the purchase cost or after-sales service of equipment, they provide great convenience for customers. In today's situation of rising material and labor costs, choosing our post-press binding equipment will greatly reduce production costs and labor costs, thus stabilizing and enhancing the market competitiveness of customers.