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        Wire binding with the design and manufacture of the calendar

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        Wire binding with the design and manufacture of the calendar

        Release date:2015-05-15 00:00 Source:http://www.juiceupcleanse.com Click:

        Design of calendars, desk calendar, usually vary from person to person, no matter from the color match and style selection, based on the different user groups, such as young children, the elderly, the design style vary.

        The design should take into account the actual size of the calendar, the calendar and the length and width ratio。The main strip calendar fits in the bottom of the picture,General arrangement for 15 days;Fast shape according to the general arrangement that week calendar for 7 days in a row,The majority of the photos are arranged symmetrically.Some calendars, desk calendar is a type,

        Some of the vertical strip,Also have a horizontal rectangular type,The design takes into account the actual size and the length and breadth of the relationship,As far as possible after the design of the look beautiful.

        In turn can be double-sided display calendar, desk calendar, the best selection of double-sided printed photo paper,這種The quality of the photo paper being printed on the negative side is the same,Can reduce the 1/2 of paper,more convenient post processing and binding.Positive and negative are the same general coated paper,have smooth, smooth pressure etc,as the coated paper than the photo paper in the calendar,there are more advantages of the print on the desk,especially in the special coated paper embossed paper,In the calendar, calendar printing more can show its unique.

        Print calendar available binding wire binding,currently marketed calendars are almost flip the hoops,the advantage is to make simple, easy to use.The main equipment and supplies are the first to punch,so the main equipment is punching machine,a stationery shop called wire binding machine.consumables is mainly staples and hook,staples have different diameters,generally black and white.

        according to the actual needs of drilling,close in wear hoop after hoop,The paper has hung hoops removed from the binding machine and put into the "binding groove",Then slowly press the "handle", and finally take out.

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