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        Technical parameters of YO double wire binding machine

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        Technical parameters of YO double wire binding machine

        Release date:2015-06-02 00:00 Source:http://www.juiceupcleanse.com Click:

        A, yo double circle using high quality materials, advanced art developed new products, with smooth surface, bright color, good elastic coating, high mechanical strength, strong adhesion, wear resistance, temperature resistance, moisture resistance, aging resistance etc. characteristics, material is non-toxic and harmless inexpensive.Is this book, making high-grade calendar, calendars and color paper clips a single ideal material. This product has the characteristics of size standard and performance stability. Can not change the long time, the pressure ring is a good roundness, not break the glue, and a waste of less, fast delivery, reasonable price;

        1, the coil of the semi automatic binding machine can replace a variety of specifications of the mold;

        2, the use of high quality electronic control, the performance is stable, easy to operate.

        3, a variety of safety protection device, to ensure the safety of the operator, can prolong the service life of the machine, reduce product loss.

        4, semi automatic coil binding machine is suitable for processing the notebook, books, books, calendars, calendars and other stationery products.

        5, machine parts using CNC computer numerical control bed processing, mass production, performance stability.

        6, in the production process of a labeled sequence, the reverse function of the turning wheel can ensure the order of the processed products.


          Double coil of the use of nylon coated wire, nylon bags glue line adopts advanced new technology development of new products, with smooth coating surface, strong adhesion, resistance to abrasion, moisture, corrosion resistance, aging resistance and characteristics are not easy to crack.Environmental protection coating material, non-toxic, harmless to the human body is single reed and color paper clips, bra clasp the ideal material for high-grade books, calendars, desk calendar. Technical parameters of the YO double wire binding machine:

        Maximum paper size 600X600  ㎜
        Minimum paper size 100X100  ㎜
        Maximum punch specification 600 ㎜
        Maximum punch thickness 4 ㎜
        Pile height  250 ㎜

        Maximum working speed 7800 次/時

        Main motor power 2.2      KW
        Dimensions  2200*1300*1200   ㎜

        Power Supply AC380V/3PH/50HZ  KW

        Machine weight 1000 Kg

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