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        All automatic punching machine has any technical advantages

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        All automatic punching machine has any technical advantages

        Release date:2015-06-02 00:00 Source:http://www.juiceupcleanse.com Click:

        The so-called automatic punching machine is driven by the motor in the metal material on the machining of holes in the automation equipment.The main structure of the whole automatic punching machine is made up of working table, control computer, rotating motor, vibration motor, machining tool head, pneumatic device, automatic rotary table, fixed clamp and so on.

            The working process of the automatic punching machine is simple in terms of the size of the machine, the size of the hole, the position of the hole, and the position of the hole.Fastening clamps and automatic dialing.Set up the processing data in the control computer, the need to process the material is fixed on the automatic turntable,Reboot the machine, the machine according to the computer instructions and data processing to complete a one-time drilling, drilling, milling holes, holes, blind holes, porous, high and low hole machining program.Start the machine, machine according to the computer instructions and data processing of punching, drilling, milling hole, vias, blind hole, porous, high and low hole processing procedures. In the process of processing, in the face of card material, lack of material, the machine will immediately alarm, and stop working, waiting for processing.

           Large scale workpiece according to the diagram to walk into the CCD scanning range with automatic punching machine; small range in CCD scanning precision capture graph, the workpiece under set implementation of punching and positioning.The upper and lower double working position parallel with the work, realize the punch mechanism for 24 hours of mechanical work.The punching speed of automatic punching machine is limited to the reaction time of the punching machine, the time of movement can greatly improve the production efficiency of the enterprise, and help the company to save labor costs.

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