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        The characteristics of automatic punching machine

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        The characteristics of automatic punching machine

        Release date:2015-06-02 00:00 Source:http://www.juiceupcleanse.com Click:

        The characteristics of automatic punching machine:

              Automatic punching machine is widely used in notebook, album, calendar and other loose leaf roll, with double coil as binding material. In addition to the completed by manual book penetrates into operation, can automatically complete the back ring, a meter long, cutting, send ring, a pressing ring, book output process, reduce procedures, reduce the labor intensity. PCL centralized control, process parameters can be completed in the operating interface.

        1. This machine is the first in the domestic research and development of thin thickness and punching a new red dragon, minus the page manually process, greatly reducing the labor cost.

        2 new design, do the cutting edge is neat without burrs, the punching position accurately.

        3 easy to operate, easy to maintain, can quickly transform the operation mode.

        4 compared to the semi automatic punching machine, greatly improving the production efficiency.

        5 advanced motor frequency control drive technology.

        6. This function in the limited space and easy operation of the working environment and per hour punching sheet number reached 120000, comprises a material rack above the paper feeding and continuous feeding, ensure machine can balance the right job.In the production process of a label sequence, the reverse function of the turning wheel can ensure the order of the product. Punching production, easy operating system, can be ordinary operators can easily change the size of the work.

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