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        JZ2003 double wire forming machine

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        JZ2003 double wire forming machine

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        • Release date:2016/04/13
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              Our WB2003 twin loop wire forming machine produces double wires of a wide range of diameters and different pitches, using nylon-coated wire from spools.The wire is unwound from a spool, straightened and smoothed by the special rectifying tools of the machine and then is guided via guide rollers into the forming unit where.the wire is formed into zigzag carpet and further to C shape profile the double wire loops formed. The endless double wire connected from the forming machine,via the connecting table to the spooling machine. The connecting table is to "sense" the length of the formed double wire loops and to control the spooling machine when and how fast to wind.


        1、The spooling machine is for winding the endless double wire onto spools automatically.

        2、 An endless paper strip which has edge-cut is simultaneously wound on in order to separate the loops.

        technical Data:

        speed of service :

        3:1 350-500T/min one diameter in the range of pitch 3:1

        2:1 200-400T/min or one diameter in the range of pitch 2:1

        2:1 380V/50HZ

        Main Power

        3:1 0.75kw

        2:1 1.5KW

        Machine size (length X width X height)

        3:1 2700*580*1510mm

        2:1 2730*680*1600mm

         machine Weight:

        3:1 330kg

        2:1 410KG

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