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        JZZD350 double wire binding machine

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        JZZD350 double wire binding machine

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        • Release date:2016/04/13
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        The WBZD350 double wire binding machine is widely used for binding notebooks, workbooks, calendars etc. Except for the loops inserting through the operation by hand, all other processes could be finished by machine automatically loops counting, feeding, positioning, closing and binding, bound-book delivery on conveyor belt. The machine is free of closing bars, the sizes can be automatically adjusted from 5/16" up to 1". Just one button, all finished. It's especially suitable for the books which cover's size is bigger than its inner sheets.


        1. Controlled by PLC. Easy to set and adjust

        2. Without changing mould for binding different sizes, all sizes could be adjusted on the computer

        3. Especially suitable for binding the notebooks which cover is wider/longer than the inner sheets.

        Technical Data

         Sheet size


         Size of double wire(Pitch)


         Max. binding speed;




         Total Power




         Net. Weight


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